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Moving a Site Server to a New Server

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  • Moving a Site Server to a New Server

    SMS 2003 (work in progress)

    To minimize confusion here's my heirarchy:
    SMS1 (Parent)
    SMS2 (Site Srv., Primary)
    NewSMS3 (Site Srv, Primary)

    SMS2 had hardware issues so I decided to virtualize it in VMware ESX 3.5. I rebuilt it completely (NewSMS3) and set it up exactly as I did with SMS2 with the exception of the IP address. Then I removed SMS2 from the parent (SMS1). But NewSMS3 isn't discovering the clients at all. I checked in the Control Panel of the NewSMS3 and it's also using SMS2 as the Management Point even though in NewSMS3 is configured as the MP for the site.

    I'm using the Advanced Client for all workstations but they are still trying to point to the old SMS2 MP; I know this because when I open Control Panel and look at the Systems Management icon the IP for the SMS2 is still in there. How do I get the clients to see NewSMS3 without giving that server the same IP as the older SMS server?

    This just in: I have not extended my Schema because my company's security policy dictates that I can't. And the Heartbeat and AD System Discoveries are enabled.

    Update: I'm going to end up answering my own question here. Okay I found a great article on how to get the Advanced Client to work if you can't extend the Schema and/or don't use Active Directory.

    Update2: Okay after making the changes in WINS the clients were still pointing to the old SMS server unless they rebooted or you restart the SMS Agent Host service on the PC's. The problem now is even though they are all pointing to the correct Management Point, they will not show up in the All Systems Collections. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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