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Configure DPM short/long/total backup

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  • Configure DPM short/long/total backup

    I have recently implimented the Micosoft Data Protection Manager 2007 on Windows 2003. I'm not sure how to set up the protection groups for what i want it to do.
    My goal with DPM is to provide short term/long term backups accessible w/out having to dig for tapes or backup DVDs AND also do backups for permenant archiving. Currently I have DPM doing short term (64 days) on disk and long term (7 years) on tape. Does anyone have a suggestion on what else can be done to provide a full monthly backup while perserving the recovery points?
    My ideal situation is to have DPM protecting the file server short\long term AND also providing me a tape backup that can be taken off site for storage. If the offsite tape was needed i would like it to contain the recovery points that the online disk\tape library contain.
    I've thought about creating a second recovery group that only retains data for 1 month, and swap out that tape every month. Any better ideas?
    thanks in advance