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Ghost8 RemoteInstallation on VistaSP1 systeem

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  • Ghost8 RemoteInstallation on VistaSP1 systeem

    Iím using a Ghost8 to manage a quit a lot of computer system images on our organization networks Working on WindowsServer2003 R2 SE and EE whit Ghost Console version release GLP/CV.
    Managing; making and distributing a images of WindowsXP Professional SP3 systems is a lot an routine.
    Now Iím facing a problem whit Vista Enterprise systems. Trying to make a image of an installed system give a problem with a first step: True the ghost console you can do Remote Client installation so that you can manage a system information in ghost console. Added system to the AD is to select in this option and you can ad system to the installation but installation does not complete and give an error Connection: Credentials Conflict.
    Can someone help me on this one?

    Kind regards,