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asset intelligence queries

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  • asset intelligence queries

    We are looking at purchasing Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 in the near future, and I was wondering whether somebody who already has the software installed could answer a couple of quick queries that I have regarding the Asset Intelligence part of the software.

    We currently have an auditing tool (Centennial) which can carry out software and hardware audits in quite some depth. i.e. it can give details of client PCs make/model, service tag/serial number details, amount of RAM, amount of HD left and serial number of same, processor speed, BIOS version. Can this be replicated within SCCM?

    Secondly, I wanted to clarify if SCCM audits non Microsoft software products and gives access details i.e. when the last time it was used?

    Reason I am asking is simply to see if we need to run Centennial and SCCM together or if SCCM can take over the role of what happens now.