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issue pushing out SMS package

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  • issue pushing out SMS package

    I needed to push out some files to all users, basically copy files to a location on their location machines.. I figured the best way to do this was via SMS Installer compressing the files and making a nice little executable easily run by sms..

    Everything seemed to work fine, but once I've created the collection/package/advertisement/etc.. i am getting the following error:

    "The program for the advertisement "1002000B" ("1000000B" - "blahlbah") could not be run because the policy contains an invalid combination of requirements: 100.
    Possible causes: The program is set to run when no user is logged on, but is being advertised to a user. The program is set to require user input, but does not require that a user be logged on in order to run.
    Solution:Examine the properties of the program to resolve the conflicting requirements."

    I've checked the settings time and time again, made sure that the user CAN interact with it and that the user has to be logged on. For some reason I had to make this package download to their local machine, it would fail otherwise stating it couldn't find the file specified/source..

    Any ideas? suggestions?

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    Re: issue pushing out SMS package

    oh yeah here is some more information..

    The package\exe works fine if run from the local machine or from a network share..
    Its a SMS 2003 server..


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      Re: issue pushing out SMS package

      looks like i resolved the issue myself..

      recreated the package/collection/etc.. also used a self extracting exe instead of sms installer to compress the files.. much nicer install altogether


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        Re: issue pushing out SMS package

        Thanks for posting back with your solution Njecm, it is appreciated and nice job sorting out yourself, quick too!!
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