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MOM 2005 alerts via email not working

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  • MOM 2005 alerts via email not working

    Hi there, any MOM 2005 experts around?

    We have a new implementation of MOM 2005, which I am figuring my around; however I am unable to successfully configure alert notifications via email.

    I have tried using an internal email (internal domain not registered), an external email (external registered domain), a distribution group, and internet email, none of which I can get to work.

    I set up a rule group name for security purposes, and created three event rules which alert when the domain admin group is changed, a user is added, a user is removed.

    These rules work ok, as I can view alerts on the MOM 2005 Ops Console whenever I manipulate the domain admin group.

    But I get no email alert. I created a new notification group, created a new operator, and tried the three different email addresses on the operator, no joy.

    Global settings is configured with the ip address of one of te Exchange servers, and I have tried various different emails as the 'return' address, which I understand has to be an internet address.

    I have also tried the registry hack which involves createing a new DWORD named sendsmtpanonymous, still no joy.

    I have set up scheduled report subscriptions, which are sent to a distribution group which contains a contact, and these work perfectly, on time every morning.

    But I can't get alert notification emails to work at all.

    Anyone know what I've missed out?

    I purchased the MOM 2005 unleashed book, the only real mention of configuring alert notification emails refers to a page in the MS knowledge base, which I have went through step-by-step, but still it won't deliver alert emails.

    Help most welcome!



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    Re: MOM 2005 alerts via email not working

    you may have already been thru this KB, but for spits and giggles verify that you have completed all the step outlined in this walk-thru:

    How to configure e-mail notifications in Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005
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      Re: MOM 2005 alerts via email not working

      Thanks for responding. I went through that KB article again and still got no joy.

      However, found a blog which gave me a few ideas and email alerts are now working - after a fashion that is.

      I have, as I said, set up rules to notify if the domain admins group is changed in any way i.e. user added, user removed.

      So I added a user into the domain admins group, okay'd it then removed him.

      Great - the email alerts reporting a security issue came in right away.

      Brilliant, just what I wanted. To be certain it was working, I added/removed the same user, but this time no emails appeared.

      OK, I did the same thing again on another DC, the emails came in again. I then did the same thing again on th same DC, again no emails.

      I thought I would switch off alert suppression, thinking maybe because I was using the same test user account in the same group, that MOM maybe thought it was a duplicate alert.

      Still no joy.

      Can anyone explain why this happens? It's strange that it should work perfectly, then when the exact same test is done on the same server, it doesn't work. Then on another DC it works, then doesn't work.

      Is there a way to configure MOM to make it work every single time regardless of whether its the same test user account and DC being used.

      Cheers guys