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MOM Agent Restart TASK

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  • MOM Agent Restart TASK

    My objective is a script that does an SC stop and then an SC START - script will be launched from a OpCon task.

    Some highly annoying problems I have now are:

    * Even though when I create the task in the mini-wizard I choose "script" and "run on MS", the task's scheduled, and success come from an agent and not the MS. Also the MOM Event created from the script comes from the agent and not the MS.

    * Can't get the task to pass a parameter to the script. Trying to use TARGET NETBIOS NAME but is fails miserably.

    System is MOM 2005 SP1, MS and OnePoint are NOT the same box. OSs are all 2003 SP1, DB is SQL 2005 SP2, .NET v2.0 on MS and the SQL...

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    Re: MOM Agent Restart TASK

    Okay. Made a script that does a HOSTNAME and returns the output from it in a MOM Event. Tested this and the tasks set to run on the MS - actually do run on the MS.

    Now the challenge is to pass the name(s) of the computers picked for the MOM Task, to the MOM script.