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mom and sms worth buying?

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  • mom and sms worth buying?

    i am looking forward to buy mom and sms, anybody knows how much it cost? any other software better than sms or mom? can sms or mom manage clients or server remotely? i.e renaming the hostname, add or install software... can sms do patch management? i.e deploy updates? what about ADS?

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    Re: mom and sms worth buying?

    You've asked a mouthful. The two links below can tell what the products can do and how much they cost... you just have to do some reading.

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      Re: mom and sms worth buying?

      I would rather suggest a book or six... this is a HUGE subject. Of course, there's a lot to be said for using Microsoft to Monitor and Manage Microsoft... but there are other products out there...

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        Re: mom and sms worth buying?

        True, But no one knows Microsoft Better then microsoft.

        about the pricing, it depends on what kind licensing agreement your company has with microsoft. for example, if you have enterprise agreement with core cal in it, the SMS client licenses don't cost a single thing.
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          Re: mom and sms worth buying?

          Originally posted by yanivfel View Post
          True, But no one knows Microsoft Better then microsoft.
          Well... usually I would agree with that statement, but not in the case of SMS. If you ask me, there are management applications that are doing not worse (might be even much better ) than SMS in managing and provisioning the infrastructure.

          As for MOM, it's very good at catching and analyzing what is going on in your MS infrastructure, but it's workflow is lacking and is quite cumbersome. My personal opinion is that MOM 2005 is not "polished" enough as of current version. Next one is looking quite promising though...
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