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Folder Redirection vs All Users Start Menu!

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  • Folder Redirection vs All Users Start Menu!

    Howdy guys

    This isn't a true problem as I've got things working the way I want.

    But I would really appreciate it if one of the wizards among you would shed some light here.

    I use Folder Redirection to give all users in a particular W2K3 AD OU the same Start Menu.

    Any other menus, say for example a Sophos AV client menu, that are included in the All Users profile Start Menu, are included in the redirected menu UNLESS I set them to hidden.

    Basically, I had thought Start Menu Folder Redirection would over-write anything in the All Users Start Menu, but it doesn't.

    I'm assuming this is just the way it is - but if anyone knows different I'd appreciate knowing.

    BTW, excellent site/forum, def the best one I've encountered.

    All the best


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    Re: Folder Redirection vs All Users Start Menu!

    This particular setting in the GPO setting should be able to help you meet your needs

    Remove common program groups from Start Menu

    User Configuration\AdministrativeTemplates\Start Menu & Taskbar


    Removes items in the All Users profile from the Programs menu on the Start menu.

    By default, the Programs menu contains items from the All Users profile and items from the user's profile. If you enable this policy, only items in the user's profile appear in the Programs menu.


    To see the Program menu items in the All Users profile, on the system drive, go to Documents and Settings\All Users (WINNT)\Start Menu\Programs.