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Folder redirect (of course) filter question

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  • Folder redirect (of course) filter question

    I see that my computer gets the thing filtered out. and iv no idea why.

    maybe my problem lies in the filter setting on my server.


    i use advanced redirect to move users files to a server based on location
    group1 = \\server1\homedrive\username
    group2 = \\server2\homedrive\username

    etc, because i want this to work for everyone nomatter what location they come from, or what location they go to.

    so i set the filter to only apply to group1
    and im the only one in the group.

    there is nothing else in that ou, just group1, which i am a member of.

    my question is, does my actuall user account have to reside in that ou for it to apply to me? or can i use it all neat and pretty with just the groups based for each location in there?

    maybe the account doesnt have right to apply that gpo, but im not sure where to check that out? the sec filter? or elsewhere?

    its a 2003/2000 mixed domain with 2000/xp workstations.

    thanks in advance


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    Re: Folder redirect (of course) filter question

    Hi anomaly

    GPOs only affect users and computers so yes, your user needs to be in the OU that you linked the GPO to. Once the GPO is applied to the user (at logon) it then redirects the folder based on group membership... provided you've set it up as you described.

    Hope that helps.

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