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Registry key permission

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  • Registry key permission

    I want to create a GPO to grant users permissions to a registry key. From what I have read it would be placed in Computer => Window Settings => Security Settings => Registry. I just have not found info on creating it. Any help would be great.

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    Re: Registry key permission

    You are correct. That is where you set registry key permissions as well as key values.

    When you use the GPO editor, it's fairly self explanitory (to me anyway). I can't generate any screenshots for you right now because I don't have a domain controller to test against.

    Perhaps a little later I can help you when I have access to a domain, otherwise maybe you can experiment and figure it out by yourself.

    I will advise though that changing regisry or file permissions using GPO has the tattoo effect. The changes you make are permanent meaning if you remove the GPO, the permissions will not revert back to their original value.

    Tread carefully. It would not be a bad idea at all to document the default permissions prior to chaning them with GPO.

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      Re: Registry key permission

      Thankyou it was not as difficult as I thought. Yes I am threading carefully here and do all this on a our companies testlab AD. I doucment all my GPO and I will document the default permissions too. If all goes accrodingly I will roll this out to the prduction AD. Again thanks for pointing me in the right direction.