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Printers and GPO settings

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  • Printers and GPO settings

    Hey guys

    Im having trouble with printers at the moment what is happening is that when a user logges on the wrong printers are being published even tho the computer is in a seperate OUand the test user is also in a seperate OU.

    I have a a GPO for the printer and a default domain policy otherwise it is as structured in the attached screen dump

    any help be great
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    Re: Printers and GPO settings

    Have you performed group policy modeling using ADU&C, GPMC, or RSoP to determine whether the user should be receiving the necessary GPO(s) to configure the printer?

    Have you run GPRESULT.EXE to look at what GPOs are applying for that user ID on that computer?

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      Re: Printers and GPO settings

      I used ADU&C

      I also ran the GPresults (which I never knew about) and got the results provided (sorry about the dumps) would I be right is saying teh problem might be that it is not applying the GPO as the user?

      should have given some back round about a month ago our system/network administrator left after giving 2 weeks notice and I have been trying to fill the void of senior Tech/network/systems admin so you can imagine my knowledge is limited.
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        Re: Printers and GPO settings

        I have just found that there is also a script pointing to the wrong printer.... Was setup wrong from the start grrr

        Are printer scrips nessesary is there a better way of letting our users (students) only see the printer that are in that classroom? and then if they go to another room it only shows that printer?