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    I need to give some users the right to install progrmas over there xp machines.
    I dont want to give them administrative privillage, the only needed is install programs right.

    is there are a policy or Delgation control thruogh active directory can be done?

    thanks in advance

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    Re: install program right

    Is the software deployment method going to utilize published or advertised software installations via Active Directory GPO, or do you want users do launch a software installation themselves from a network drive or network share?

    I want to say that using published/advertised packages via GPO allows the software to be installed with elevated privileges which would meet your needs, but I can't guarantee that 100% as I don't publish apps via GPO so I'm a bit rusty in that area. The following links should be helpful:

    As far as the latter method, you will definitely need to find a way to install the applications with elevated privileges. We normally do this with 3rd party software deployment utilities such as Altiris (or whatever - SMS, WinInstall, etc.). RunAs wouldn't be a good candidate here because giving an end user the correct RunAs command would also give them (in plain text) an elevated account and password in the process!
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      Re: install program right


      actually ,in my situation I have a group of trainees that they have to install there own softwares on certain computers, so I need to give them this right without any administrative privillage.

      many thanks


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        Re: install program right

        hi if u dont want to give admiisrtrator right

        u can add that user to backup opearator group after this they can install programs
        try it