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Folder (my docs) re-direction question

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  • Folder (my docs) re-direction question

    When you config folder re-direction thru Group Policy, will files already in C:\My docs automatically get moved to the server share? I am planning a migration from NT to Win 2003 AD and am looking to do away with home folders. Most users have their docs in C:\my docs and it would be easy if I didn’t have to move them manually?

    Part of my migration plan is to use copyprofile.exe to copy the profiles from NTDomain\user to AD Domain\user. (I can’t use AD migration tool - long story). So the question is this. Do I enable the folder re-direction before or after I copy profiles? The answer to this will depend the answer the to first question. If enabling folder re-direction automatically moves docs from C:\my docs to the server share, then it shouldn’t matter. If it does not automatically move them, then I’d want to run copyprofile.exe after enabling the folder re-direction. So the end result is….

    1. Enable folder re-direction so the C:\my docs really becomes \\server share\my docs.
    2. Then, when I run copyprofile.exe, the the files from my docs will get copied to the re-directed my docs?

    Do this makes sense? Am I on the right track?


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    Re: Folder (my docs) re-direction question

    Hi JRM.

    Yes you can use GP to do the job for you. (see attachment for GP settings location.)

    About the moving my documents contents...
    In the attached image you can see the option "Move the contents of My Documents to new locaion"

    - If you select this, users local My documents will be moved (ie. to his home directory) on the server share. On the target sheet there is options where you specify the location where to move them.

    - If you do not select this, the contents of my documents will be left to local machine (note that after this user sees his my documents empty, because there is nothing moved to new location. The old content will be at : drive:\Documents and Settings\%username%\%username%'sDocuments\...)

    So in conclusion
    - Set up a GPO
    - Find the setting for folder redirection.
    Under Target sheet
    - (I would) set the "settings" to "Basic - Redirect everyones folders to the same location"
    - (I would) set the target to "redirect to users home directory"
    Under setting sheet
    - Enable "Move the contents of My Documents to new location"
    - (i would) choose the option "Redirect the folder back to the local userprofile when policy is removed"

    Im not sure what will happen if user has logged on to several computers, thus having many local my documents on different computers.
    I would think that when they log on to the first time (after GP is applied to domain) hes my documents from that machine will be moved to server share. But when he logs on to a secod machine (where he still has my documents on locally) he will not be able to see them from "my documents" because its contents are coming from the server share.

    Maybe someone can shine some light about this? I didnt have suitable environment to test this.
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