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blank password problem

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  • blank password problem

    I am looking for a Group Policy which will allow me to disable the option to enter blank password from the users. I am using Windows 2003 Server Domain Controller.

    don't tell me to mark the comlpex tab becouse it will be hard thing from my users....

    some one with idea ???

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    Re: blank password problem

    Hi Zippy.

    How about setting a minimum lenght for passwords.
    No need to be complex (allthough i would recommend it).

    The policy setting :
    (default domain policy)

    Computer Settings - Windows Settings - Security Settings - Account Policies - Password Policy - Minimum password length

    Set it to '1' , that should do the trick.

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      Re: blank password problem

      it set to 5....


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        Re: blank password problem

        Originally posted by zippy
        it set to 5....
        Im sorry, is it set to 5 now or was it set to 5 allready before ?

        According to
        leaving password lenght to 0 will allow users to have blank passwords, anything else should not allow them to use blanks.

        If you allready had 5 as the minimum then its strange.



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          Re: blank password problem

          but it was allready 5


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            Re: blank password problem


            Then I would use the GPMC tools Group Policy Results to make sure that domain policy is really applying properly.

            If I remember correctly you need to know a user account and a computer where that user has logged on to (user doesent need to be logged at the time when you run the tool).
            That should show you is the domain (or other) policys applying to the user at that computer properly or not.

            P.S. I just thought to ask ... you are trying to affect the passwords on Domain users and not local computer users accounts right ?
            Because if a user account has been made in local computer with blank password, before adding that computer to domain, it can still have blank password.
            Users shouldnt be able to set it blank again after that though.
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