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Customize the "You have changed your password" notification

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  • Customize the "You have changed your password" notification


    We have group of users who receive email to their mobile devices. When their windows password expires they change it from their work computers but it does not change on their mobile devices. When this happens, they stop receiving emails to their devices. Most of the users forget that they have to change the password on their device to the new password. I would like to set a reminder to the user.

    My idea is to customize the text that appears when they change their password. When they change their password, they see the default text of "You have successfully changed your password" with the okay button underneath. I want to add additional text to this notification. Somewhere along the lines of, "please change the password on your phone email as well. If you need help, please contact IT."

    Is it possible to customize the changed password notification?
    If so, how would I go about doing so? Is there a file that contains the sentence that needs to be changed?

    Server running AD is Windows Server 2008, client machines are mostly Win7 Pro 64bit, there may be a few XP Pro 32bit. (if client side matters)

    Thank You in advance for your time and any input that you provide,