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    I have searched the forum and found much of the same solutions to instituting a locked PC after idle time. However I am having an unintended consequence. I was expecting an experience like I have on my home PC or the one prior to implementing the GPO. I was expecting it to behave like when I used to lock the PC myself where you return from whatever it was when you walked away, prec CTRL- ALT- DEL, and simply enter your password because your user ID is already there. Now I press CRTL-ALT-DEL and it says Other USer and I need to enter my user name and password. As many of us can probably relate, I have users who freak when something changes or is not easy. However I would still like it to be where they only enter their password to unlock. Can someone help?
    I have Server 2008R2 and Win7 Pro PCs.

    This is the GPO I have configured:
    Userconfig\Administrative Templates\control panel\personalization

    1. Enable Screen Saver
    2. Force Specific Screen Saver
    3. Password Protect the Screen Saver
    4. Screen Saver timeout

    THe Specific screen saver I entered is rundll32 user32.dll,LockWorkstation

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    Re: Lock Idle PCs

    Have a look at your Group Policy settings for this one:
    Computer - Security Settings - Security Options - 'Interactive Logon: Display user information when the session is locked'

    The policy has a dropdown to set the behavior you want. It may not be found in the section where you've got the lockout defined, but it does relate to behavior once the lockout is enforced.
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