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Enforcing proxy settings through GPO

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  • Enforcing proxy settings through GPO

    I am running a Windows 2k3 SP1 and Windows XP2 environment with AD. I have used GPMC to set a number of domain and OU policy settings, of which the majority are being applied successfully. All available critical, security and functionality updates have been applied to both server and clients.

    I want to enforce proxy settings on each client.

    When I input the settings on the server and apply (gpupdate /force) the settings onto each client, the 'Advanced System Information - Policy' report advises that the source GPO is IEAK.

    I know that policies are being read from other objects as Folder Redirection, Offline folders and many other settings are being read and applied from both OU and Default Domain Policy GPOs successfully.

    I have read a significant amount about IEAK, but nowhere can I find a simple explanation of how to enforce IE settings held in this GPO.

    Any pointers in the right direction would be appreciated.


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    Re: Enforcing proxy settings through GPO

    we had similar problems and ended up adding the IE configuration to our logon script ( KIX ) and deployed the configuration that way.

    I know that doesn't really answer your question but we couldn't find a suitable solution


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      Re: Enforcing proxy settings through GPO

      Thanks for trying to answer.


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        Re: Enforcing proxy settings through GPO

        I posted this on the MS support forums recently hope it helps.

        I have been having some interesting problems with IE 6 various update levels that I thought I should share with the community. I have seen a number of posts that sound similar with little to no help from MS.

        The behavior is consistent across Pro platforms regardless of service pack or update level.
        The environment is Windows 2000 Server AD W2K Pro and XP Pro clients.

        After setting the proxy settings in internet explorer and running gpudate. I found that IE did not reconfigure correctly. It was possible to manually correct the problem but the old setting would return at the next GPO update interval. Proxy settings were visible in the grayed out fields. The use Proxy Server settings box was deselected.

        Taking a look at the users folder\application data\Microsoft\internet explorer\ I found several customX folders with install.ins file that had settings which could not be found in any existing GPO.

        Long story short after much aggravation I deleted all of the customX folders removed the GPO’s on at a time ran gpupdate check the path (repeat as necessary) until the offending customX folder is not recreated. So with the GPO problem solved I am moving on to resolve one remaining IE problem. I have a couple of Laptop’s that are not using the .ins file for IE Proxy Settings.
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          Re: Enforcing proxy settings through GPO

          Have you tried running RSoP (Resultant Set of Policies) on a client machine to see if there are any problems ?

          Hope this is not too stupid an idea .. I am just learning about GPOs and read about this command today


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            Re: Enforcing proxy settings through GPO

            I too am experiencing similar issues with Proxy settings and exceptions.

            We have 5 proxy servers serving pages for different groups here. We also have those who require different exceptions.

            We do use an ISA proxy server.

            We have a GPO for pushing proxy settings. However, with the need for different people requiring different proxy settings and exceptions is there a way to deploy the exceptions without breaking the proxy server that is set up with a GPO that has bee deployed to the clients. If I leave the http proxy server blank they get no server. Is this a case in which we would have to make edits on the ISA proxy server? I have not been able to find a way to do this with a GPO without loosing the Proxy settings. I guess I could put multiple Proxy servers in the HTTP proxy field semi colon delimited? But would that cause a latency for page resolution if the proxy that need to be used it as the end of the list?

            I hope this makes sense and posted in the right place.



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              Re: Enforcing proxy settings through GPO

              No, not in th right place. Check the date of the last post. Now go and start a new thread and make you own title. When you have done that one of the Forum Mods shall delete this post.

              Thank you.
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                Re: Enforcing proxy settings through GPO

                We use GPO to push proxy settings, but we push to the user, not the computer.

                It seems to work fine for us. If you need any info I can try to post it. I am new to the GPO thing as well.
                Thank you,