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FEP 2010 deployment via GPO

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  • FEP 2010 deployment via GPO


    I am only looking for solution to deploy FEP 2010 via GPO. I have .exe package of it and tried some free exe to msi convertor but its not helping much as i have to manually input the values for installation.

    Anyone refer to some doc to idea that how can i deploy it via gpo.


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    Re: FEP 2010 deployment via GPO

    Have you tried looking at what switches may be available in the EXE itself, so that you could run a cmd line?

    Using our old buddy , I found this site:


    Had a quick read, and there are link for both the switch options available, and a policy template topic to set up a custom install configuration.

    Take a look, see if it does what you need. Sounds like you want to create a policy template, then deploy that template by calling it from a cmd line. That cmd line will be the software installation script you call from a GPO.
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      Re: FEP 2010 deployment via GPO

      Thanks. I found a similar blog containing a script to install the FEP.exe.

      Next target is to use it in startup script. Checking the best practices to push it via startup script.