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WSUS-replica's and statistics server

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  • WSUS-replica's and statistics server

    Hi everybody,

    I have a question concerning WSUS.
    We are using WSUS in a 'replica style' architecture : 1 upstream WSUS server which takes all the updates from the internet and 5 downstream WSUS replica's, which copy everything from the upstream server.
    The upstream server is located at the HQ, the downstream servers in our subsites (at another location).
    Using GPO's, every client desktop PC gets its updates from the WSUS server at his site (HQ --> mainstream WSUS server, subsites --> downstream WSUS replica servers).
    Now, the problem is to get an overall view of all the desktops. In the WSUS admin console of the upstream server, I only see the computers of the HQ (which point to this server), which is logical.
    Is there any way to make all the computers (also the ones which take the updates from the downstream WSUS servers) report to ONE 'statistics' server ?
    I tried changing the 'statistics server' in all the GPO's to one WSUS server (the upstream server), but it does not seem to work the way I would like it to. They keep reporting to their own WSUS servers.
    Has anybody tried this ?

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    Re: WSUS-replica's and statistics server

    Hi guys,

    As nobody is replying, I thought I might take a shot myself.
    I found the following on

    Specify internet Microsoft update service location
    Rob’s notes:
    Currently (as of 8/25/05), the ‘Set the intranet statistics server’ has no affect (for future releases).

    So I think we should assume that this setting is of no use for the moment, so I cannot use 1 statistics server to centralize the reports of my 6 WSUS servers....

    Too bad (isn't it ?)