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Loopback policy required ?

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  • Loopback policy required ?

    I need to copy a file from a network share to a users redirected folders but ONLY if they login to a TS/RDP server.

    Would have created a GPO and assigned against the machine calling a bat file which copies to \\servername\redirectedfolders\%username%\yaddayad dayadda

    Not sure if that statement will work due it being a computer policy?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Loopback policy required ?

    Personally, I would use Loopback Policy Processing and make the BAT file run at Logon of the User. You of course will be applying this the RDSH servers.

    Keep in mind that once you apply the Loopback Policy Processing that any user settings within GPOs applied to the RDSH servers will then take effect. You also need to consider whether to use Merged or Replace mode. It is set to replace mode by default I believe. If you don't currently have Loopback Policy processing applied to the RDSH servers, you will probably need to use the 'merged' mode.