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GPO - web page to load on log in

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  • GPO - web page to load on log in


    I am new to Group Policy creations, so please be aware I may be numb
    I have been tasked with creating a group policy within a particular OU whereby the user logs in and on startup, IE loads up with a specific address - say How can I create this so it loads up a particular site (it isnt the homepage).

    Many thanks for any help offered


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    Re: GPO - web page to load on log in

    thats and easy one... to set a home page for IE, open gpmc and go to:User Config\Windows Settings\Internet Explorer Maintenance

    and to start ie at logon, you can go to either users or computers and then Admin Templates\System\Logon\Run these Programs at logon - select iexplore.exe

    then you have to apply the policy. you can achieve that in several ways... and that kinda depends on how you manage things.

    you can create a security group and add the members to the group and apply the policy to the group, or you can just link the policy to the OU directly and that way anything that is placed in that OU will be affected.

    or if the computers that you want this to happen all are like say, the HR department, you could also create a security group and add the computers to it, then apply the policy to the computers instead of users. then anyone that logs on there will get the home page... then you dont have to maintain security groups for users...

    does that help you any? if your a newb to the gpmc and GPOs in general, i would suggest you read this in your free time:
    Group Policy for Beginners

    if you read that first, then read what i wrote you, it will all make sense.

    welcome to the wonderful world of group policy.
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      Re: GPO - web page to load on log in

      Thank you for your post, and for the link. I will be sure to give it look through when I get a second. I don't think I worded the thread in the best way however. I don't want to amend the homepage for any user, I just want them to log onto a machine and for a webpage (different to the homepage) to popup on successful log in.

      Thanks again


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        Re: GPO - web page to load on log in

        If you don't want to change the user's homepage, then create a new IE shortcut and deploy that to the user profile Startup folder. When they log in, the shortcut runs and IE opens to the link.
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          Re: GPO - web page to load on log in

          Hi, unfortunately we are talking about a lot of machines and a lot of users hot desking. I would do it this way if I have no other alternative, but with pc replacements etc to deal with aswell, it becomes fiddly if applied manually.


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            Re: GPO - web page to load on log in

            So deploy the startup shortcut via group policy preferences - perhaps to the all users startup folder
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