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force logoff on xp

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  • force logoff on xp

    i have xp pro- one pc at home.
    i have one user that he is a limited account and i allow him just to logon at tuesday and to one houre.
    but it is not kick him off. what shoud i do?
    i tryed,in the secpol.msc to "network security-force logoff when logon hours expire" to be enabled but it is not locally.
    what is your solution to force kick?

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    Re: force logoff on xp

    Dear zilcali,

    First of all, I am 99% sure Windows doesn't have any default option that allow you to kick off user at a certain time. I had that concern before. I called and talked to serveral MS tech support personnels and they agreed with me on that.

    The so called "Force log-off when log on hours expire" just applies to network "session" only.

    However, did you consider setting a log on time on the account and running a log off batch file at a certain time?

    Hope it helps,

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      Re: force logoff on xp

      You could set a batch file in Scheduled Tasks. I know its not GPO but ...

      shutdown -r -t 30

      at a dos prompt it will shut down the PC and restart it

      that wont lock them out, but it will reboot them

      perhaps that will help


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        Re: force logoff on xp

        i guess in windows xp.
        you can use the "AT" command to logoff,restart or shutdown PC at specified time.
        AT 12:01 cmd /c logoff.exe
        i hope it works.