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Set Standard Paper Tray per Printer via Scripting

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  • Set Standard Paper Tray per Printer via Scripting

    Hi all,

    I've got an question/wish

    Here is the case:

    I've got an printer that has 2 paper tray + manual feed.

    So I installed 3 the same printers on the server with different share names:
    For example HP4050_TRAY1, HP4050_TRAY2 and HP4050_MANUAL

    Ok so far so good. I set the 'different' printers with different PaperTrays in the Printer Preferences on the General-tab of each printer.

    But the problem is, when I add the printer to a profile, the Print Preference is defined earlier is not automaticly copied allong when i added the printer to the profile .

    The only way i could come up with, was by saving the preference of each printer. And then instructing the users to select the preference of each printer. So they first had to open HP4050_TRAY1 and select tray1-preference and click OK. Then select HP4050_TRAY2 and select tray2-preference etc. etc.

    So you can guess what my question is... how can i automate this?
    I already checked out the advanced-tab but there is not an option on there that i can manipulate, and secure so that users cant change it

    Thanx in advanced!