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Is there any GPO issues with a mixed domain?

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  • Is there any GPO issues with a mixed domain?

    We have 1 DC that is 2008 and one that is 2003. I noticed that 2003 policy is pretty crappy, as any tutorial that tells me where to go in group policy, is missing.

    Is there an issue if I go to 2008 and set a policy? How would that replicate to 2003 if the policy doesn't exist in 2003?

    The reason I ask is because my policies do not seem to be working. I created one that is supposed to deploy printers using group policy. So i created a new policy under my domain, named it "printer deploy", and followed the steps in
    but when i log out and log in, I don't have any printers. I even tried to GPUpdate.exe and had no luck.

    Now i tried adjusting one for users to share folders, but it was turned off and I still could not share folders.