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  • GPO Preferences

    Can anyone explain to me about GPO preferences work.

    Im trying to apply a registry preference to the HKEY_CURRENT_USER class which adds a trusted site to IE. I added the site to my IE on a test PC which created a reg key. I thin imported it into GPO preferences and set the Action on the Key to "Create"

    When I logged into a test PC the trusted site was added so it worked fine. I thin deleted the trusted site from IE & logged doff & back on again. The trusted site was not re-added.

    I though the preference would always re-add the settings each time I logged on??

    I donut have the option to only apply once set.

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    Re: GPO Prefferences

    Found the answer to this - the preference applies each time you log off & back on as its s user preference.

    My issue was down to a missing reg key when I used the Reg Wizard.