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My Documents redirect issues using Windows 7

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  • My Documents redirect issues using Windows 7

    Hi all,

    I have a Windows 2003 AD environment and I am using Group Policy to redirect the My Documents folder using the 'Basic (Redirect everyone's folder to the same location)' setting and entering the path \\server\share\%username%

    I have then created the user folders in the share name and the redirect works fine.

    However, when Windows 7 users (of which there are only a few) redirect their folders for the first time it changes the folder on the server from their username to 'My Documents'. The user notices no difference but from an admin point of view it just shows a number of 'My Documents' folders and the only way I know which folder is to check the permissions. This makes support much harder.

    I can rename the folder back to the username and it appears to work but I am planning a Windows 7 rollout very soon and want to know why this is happening and what can be down to avoid this.

    My Schema Version of Active Directory is 30



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    Re: My Documents redirect issues using Windows 7

    It is the hidden file desktop.ini that takes care of the visual renaming of the folder. It is better to redirect to \\server\share\user\document, \\server\share\user\downloads, and so on

    MCITP sa, ea & va, [email protected]