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Files in My Documents folder are opening as "read only"

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  • Files in My Documents folder are opening as "read only"

    I have a truely bizzare situation with a recently added GPO for My Documents redirection. First off this is a Windows Server 2008 environment with the Windows 7 GPOs installed with a Windows 7 workstation running the Group Policy Managment Editor. The systems that are affected are Windows XP and Windows 7.

    Prior to implementing this gpo set. I had created a "%username$" share for each user and used a kix script to map to that folder on the server and set the drive letter to drive "p:". Then I had a group policy setup to redirect the My Documents folder to the "P:" drive. So basically you'd have the kix script pointing to "\\server-fs\users\username" and mapping that to "P:". And that seemed to work.

    But in the process of trying to phase out the kix scripting I've run into this interesting error. Whenever a user goes into my documents and opens a file it comes up as "read only" and they can't save to it. However if they go to their P: drive and open the file it comes up and they can save or do whatever they want with the file. I've doublechecked the permissions and they have full permissions from the folder level through to the file level and they are owners of the folders/files.

    Has anyone run into a situation like this and if so do you have any insight as to why this is occuring? Any help would be greatly apprecaited.


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    Re: Files in My Documents folder are opening as "read only"

    Sounds like your share permissions are still set at Windows' default, which is Read-Only for Everyone. Change that to where Everyone has Full Control, then just use NTFS permissions to handle security. Everyone will be able to see the share, but if they aren't on the NTFS ACL, they can't get in.