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  • Screensaver setting

    Hi all,

    I have found the spot in the Default Domain Policy to set the screensaver details.

    The problem I am facing is that it doesn't allow the user to modify some of the settings as it locks it down.

    Can the screensaver be set by GPO and still give the user the control to change it to a different one? This also applies the screen saver timeout...

    Thanks in advance!


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    Re: Screensaver setting


    don't use the Default Domain Policy for your client/server settings. Create new GPO's on the the OU where the user/computer are located.

    I think (I don't have an AD in front of me at the moment) that you can create a GPO that set Screensaver timeout and a few other things and still allows the user to change screensaver.
    There may even be a specific setting to 'not lock down' or similar..
    Perhaps it is only available in Windows Server 2003 or from an XP client with admin tools on it.

    Download GPMC (Group Policy Management Console) from Microsoft.



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      Re: Screensaver setting

      I have it as a seperate GPO and I am running GPMC on an XP Pro workstation (server is windows 2000 server).

      The "not lock down" - would the Enforce option in the GPMC for the seperate GPO be an equivalent?
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