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Event ID 1085 help please!

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  • Event ID 1085 help please!

    I have an event on all workstations and all three domain controllers every 5 minutes

    "Windows failed to apply the Scripts settings. Scripts settings might have its own log file."

    Event ID: 1085
    Souce: Group Policy

    This happends on windows XP and Windows 7 systems. Windows 7 gives me additional information in the Group Policy operation log below:

    "Completed Script Extension Processing 15 milliseconds"

    Event ID: 7016
    Source: Group Policy

    on the details tab it gives me an error code 2 and a GUID. The GUID does not exist in active directory and the error code states the script cannot be found. There is only the two default GPO's in the GPO container and only the domain GPO linked. I have search all over the internet for this problem for weeks with no results. I have ran RSOP against a machine. It states the script cannot be run because of the following error " The file cannot be found" but does not explain which GPO or script it is attempting to locate.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Event ID 1085 help please!

    If you've only got one of the 2 existing GPOs linked, then that's where the problem must be. The every 5 minutes would prob. be down to the repeating reinforcement of policy, which is set inside that linked GPO.

    Have you looked at the Settings of the linked GPO? If a script is being called by Policy, it should be visible in the GPMC console. Maybe one was defined in the past but that script file has since been deleted/moved/renamed. Or there could be a permissions issue associated with the folder where the script file is supposed to be.

    At a point in the process of assigning a script to a GPO, a Windows Explorer navigation box opens to let you find your script file. The default location it starts from is the GP object folder under your sysvol share. My experience has been that any script you want to run has to be in that folder, and those folders are named with GUID names! Have a look in your sysvol share subfolders and you'll see what I mean. Your mystery GUID may be one of those folder names.
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