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Locking down workstations with Group Policy best practices ?

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  • Locking down workstations with Group Policy best practices ?

    Hey guys,

    I am creating an image for my companies desktop computers. At the same time i am streamlining group policies and securing workstations to prevent users from tinkering with the os and installing any software etc. Does anyone recomend me any resourceful websites or information to lock down the workstations, yet keep it flexible enough that their applications run without access errors and in case i need to troubleshoot the system i can use my basic functions such as the run command, command prompt etc..... I have a good idea of how group policy works, also i want to be able to keep the policy's as simple and streamlined as possible to prevent user workstations from using excessive resources in processing these policies. I have noticed that machines running excessive amounts of GPO's tend to have slowness problems as well as locking up and freezing intermitently. Thanks in advance for all your help!!