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Group Policy Denied - Empty

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  • Group Policy Denied - Empty

    I'm trying to figure out why my login script isn't being applied. I've attached the report from group policy result wizard. It shows denied due to 'empty'. Problem is, the policy isn't empty....Attached.
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    Re: Group Policy Denied - Empty

    im not looking at your zip, sorry.

    are they computer or user policy settings?
    applied to correct ou? (ie,a policy with computer settkngs applied to an ou containing users will be empty....)
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      Re: Group Policy Denied - Empty

      They are user policy settings, they are in an OU containing computers.

      So you can only have Computer settings applied when a computer is in an OU and user settings you have to create an OU specifying users? Am I understanding that correctly?


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        Ok, based on what you said, I put the script in the startup section of the computer vs in the login section of the computer.

        It is running because it mapped the drives, but it maps them as "Disconnected Network Drive on G:". I do have wait for network at startup/logon enabled.

        Would it be better to keep this as a user script and enable loopback processing? The script seems to work well in a different OU that has loopback processing turned on for other reasons.


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          Re: Group Policy Denied - Empty

          not quite what I'm saying.

          within a Group Policy Object, there are "User" settings, and "Computer" settings.
          You can apply any GPO you like, to any OU you like.

          however, if an OU only contains computers, and you apply a GPO That contains "user" settings" to that OU, it will not apply.
          this is because User settings cannot apply to computer objects

          You don't HAVE to have a separate OU for users and computers, although it is the accepted method.

          Does that help at all ?
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