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Block USB disks but excluding specific maker

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  • Block USB disks but excluding specific maker

    I have been asked to prevent all USB disks with the exception of issued ones that are encrypted. I have searched and found some places that mention adding exceptions to a GPO block for a specific vendor of drive. This should work well for us but I am new to GPO and there is no clear instructions on installing the GPO and the exception to limit the usage by manufacturer. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Block USB disks but excluding specific maker

    While I do not know if this is possible with GPO, I do know that Sophos offers this feature.

    When any USB device is plugged into a computer on our network, depending on the setting, they will be asked for Username and Password to allow the device, or it will email a admin to apporve it. You can then set it up so its one time, or for the life of the device.

    Very simple and very effective.

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