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GPP and Security groups

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  • GPP and Security groups

    hi all,
    my first post here.

    I am trying to apply group policy for IE Proxy setting.
    I have set these in the Users policy and Using the Internet Setting in GPP.

    The reason i have done this is so that i can use the filter function to ensure certain users in a security group do not get the policy.

    So, it goes something like this "the user IS NOT a member of the security group Exclude IE Proxy"

    HOWEVER, the policy still gets applied??

    The reason i want a group is so i can exclude our IT staff who use diferent gateway's etc and also use the "Remove this option is not applied" function so the setting does not get tattoed.

    Can anyone shed any light on this problem?

    kind rgrds


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    Re: GPP and Security groups

    apologies it does seem that this is working after all.

    when you run a gpresult /v the results cant be trusted. when applying GPP filtering the settings can be stll be omitted even if gpresult /v says otherwise.

    this is also the case when running gpresult /r. is says the policy is applied but if GPP says otherwise the settings are not. it is a bit misleading.

    becuase i had restricted the Connections page i had assumed that the the information in gpresult was correct.

    I would still like to restrict the Connections page however be able to do this under GPP rather thanthe old type GPP settings so i can omit users in the specific Security group.