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  • Software Installs Via GPO

    Iíve read that its better to have all your software distribution in one GPO rather than one GPO for each install so this cuts down on logon processing times.

    If I have everything in one distribution how to I deny things I donít want to have access? Is this as simple as setting a deny permission on the security filtering?

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    Re: Software Installs Via GPO

    How do you deny WHAT things that you don't want to have access to WHAT?


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      Re: Software Installs Via GPO

      I have just started to use software distribution & wanted to make sure I got had this process as optimised as possible so as not to create un-necessary network GPO processing.

      Say I have MS Office, WinZip, Adobe Reader and MS Visio

      All computers need MS Office & Adobe Reader
      Only servers need WinZip
      Only 5 computers need MS Visio

      The documentation I was reading said it was better to have all your software distributions in one GPO and apply this to the domain. My problem is if I did this it would mean that all the applications are installed on every computer. How would I restrict this and filter out what systems get what?

      The only way I can see to do this is to create a separate GPO for each distribution where software items are unique. Where multiple software installs can be assigned to the same computes these could go in the same GPO.

      Does this make sense?


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        Re: Software Installs Via GPO

        IMHO you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by multiple GPOs -- all filtering does impose an overhead anyway as each machine/user is checked
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          Re: Software Installs Via GPO

          Thatís the answer I like to hear, I find separating GPO's better where ever possible as you can give them their own name & its easier to manage. If everythingís bundled in with other things it makes it a haste to keep control of everything. Plus its easier to assign single GPOís to OUís