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GPO issues: allow log on through terminal services

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  • GPO issues: allow log on through terminal services

    I created a GPO for the purposes of allowing a group to log on remotely to member servers.

    I assigned the group (and domain\administrator domain\domain admins) the allow logon through terminal services permission and linked the GPO to the OU with the member servers

    I forced gpupdate on one of the member servers and verified in local group policy that required domain group appeared next to the Allow log on through Terminal Services permission.

    I rdp'ed to the server with an account that is a member of the domain group and got a message saying that I dont have the right to log on remotely.

    If i log into the server as admin and go to system properties, remote tab and click on select remote users... the domain groups dont appear in there. If i add the group in manually then members of that group can then log in.

    Am i missing somethign here? I thought the point of GP was to automate this..

    Perhaps i'm doing something wrong...

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    Re: GPO issues: allow log on through terminal services

    I'm guessing this has something to do with the remote desktop users group... lack of membership of domain or local group ...?

    whats the diff between adding domain groups into the local remote desktop users group and adding granting them the "Allow logon through terminal services" perm via gpo?
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