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GPO Blocking Windows Update/Security

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  • GPO Blocking Windows Update/Security

    I recently enabled a few policies on our domain. Mostly just outlook policies and restricting users from seeing XP games, etc. These policies have been in place for about a month and a half with no issues.

    A couple days ago I all of a sudden couldnt run windows update. At the same time I was unable to install IE8 onto a users computer using my Domain Admin account. In WU I get an error that the crytographic services may not be running, yet they are. There are also other odd issues here and there that I cant think of right now.

    I have been through every GP and the only ones set have absolutely nothing to do with any windows components, or security.

    The reason I know this is an issue with GP is that I can run windows update when I use a local account. I can also run WU when I disable User Configuration and restart.

    I have been through User configuration over and over again, cant find anything enabled that would cause this. I originally had No Override enabled, but I disabled that with the same behavior. The only fix at this point is to disable User Configuration.
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