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3 policies for 1 user

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  • 3 policies for 1 user

    Quick question!

    I am trying to have one user account logon to 3 different pcs and get 3 different gpo's. I have the policies created and linked to the OU's.

    So if said user logons onto PC 1 they get GPO(A), if they walk over to PC2 they get GPO(B), finally if they walk over to PC 3 then they get GPO(C).

    Can this be accomplished the way I described?

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    Re: 3 policies for 1 user

    Yes it can.

    Create an OU for each computer and move each computer to it's respective OU. Create a GPO for each OU and link each one to the respective OU. Configure the appilcable user settings in each GPO. Configure Group Policy loopback policy processing in each GPO in merge mode.

    Now when the user logs on to each of the computers, the user settings from the GPO linked to the computer OU will apply to the user instead of the user settings in the GPO that's linked to the OU or container where the user object is.