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  • software deployment

    HI Gang,

    i was wondering if someone could please point me in the right direction,
    im trying to deploy simple apps like PuTTY to a few users, im abit confused how do i actually get the MSI with all the settings it needs, like as in server list, put an icon on the desktop with extra parameters

    thanks all!

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    Re: software deployment

    PuTTY doesn't come with an installer so i'm not too sure how you would go about packaging the .exe file as an .msi.

    First few links here will help you in your quest though.


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      Re: software deployment

      This is the ONLY way I have ever seen (that works) to make an MSI from an EXE (or BAT) and it is a stupendous pain. If anyone knows of a better way, I want to know too.
      Two things:
      1) If I wrote something wrong please please please let me know. I want to know ESPECIALLY if I am wrong.
      2) I have a tendency to write things that are misconstrued as being agressive or not so pleasant. That is not my intent.