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  • Folder Security Permissions

    I've looked on the fourm and google but couldn't find the solution to this issue and I was wondering if someone can poiint me in the right direction:

    I've a list of around 120 files nad folders that I need to set the security permissions on for all computers in my domain (around 1500) I'd like to be able to do this via a GPO policy int he security settings field, but I can't see any way to import this in to here. The only way appears to be doing a manual search for each file on my computer to add this in.

    is there any way to either import this or script it? I can see the security templates you can create locally which imports alot of the files, but even this way I'd have to manually create each folder on my computer (as I dont have all these software folders installed) and all files to make this....

    thanks in advance for any pointers.


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    Re: Folder Security Permissions

    Keep in mind that unless you've disabled inheritance, any permission changes you make to a folder should also propagate down to subfolders and files.

    As for scripting it, you could write a logon script using cacls or similar to modify the permissions.
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