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Using Restricted Groups to grant local admistrator to laptop

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  • Using Restricted Groups to grant local admistrator to laptop

    i need your help..

    i know to use the Restricted Groups, however, i need to know how i can allow laptop users to have local admin right with giveing the ablity to remove any user from the local administrators group.

    this is what i did:
    i have Restricted the local administrators to have the following:
    domain\domain admin
    domain\laptop users

    now, every user in the group laptop users will have a full access on other laptops. what i want is the Restricted the local administrators group in this way:
    domain\domain admin

    and i don't want the user to have any rights to delete the reset of the administrator group..

    any help...

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    Re: Using Restricted Groups to grant local admistrator to laptop

    If a user is a local administrator, then they will have the necessary permissions to remove other users from the administrators group.

    If a user can't be trusted with these permissions, then don't make them a local admin.

    If you're giving them admin rights because of an application experiencing compatibility issues, then you should contact the application vendor to fix their product.
    Gareth Howells

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