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Disable Wireless When Lan is detected ?

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  • Disable Wireless When Lan is detected ?

    I may be being over cautious and this may not be relevant but :
    Is it possible to disable the wireless Network Card when the system detects a LAN Connection?
    Only I should think that if a home user connects to a docking station either at work or home and this is more about home users, then RDP etc into their works account, if the wireless connection is open and they don’t have wireless at home.. this could then connect to “Any Available Network” and pose a security threat. ( I think this would create an unsecure bridge)
    I think there’s a GPO to only connect to certain Wireless connections, which may be answer only that would restrict the user if they are working say in a Hotel etc.
    Has anyone come across this before if so I would appreciate you input?

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    Re: Disable Wireless When Lan is detected ?

    So Ive been Trawling and come up with this as my solution recomendation

    Quote of the Internet...

    So you've gone through the trouble of setting up a rock-solid firewall.
    You have your routers implementing some pretty rigid switch-port security
    settings to only allow certain MACs on the network... you feel you've
    got your office on lockdown....
    ... and then some user leaves his Wireless card on which is in range of
    a couple insecure networks, and suddenly your network's security rests
    in the confidence of that single PC's access instead of your firewalls
    etc. This isn't just an issue of interface priority so your user can
    still function - this is a potential vulnerability in your network!
    Some vendors (like Dell etc) make some device-specific tools to
    facilitate this, but what if you have a mixed network or what
    if that vendor doesn't provide a mass-auditing tool to disable
    wireless cards while connected to the LAN?

    I don’t know if we use all Dell equipment for Laptops but ...
    Managing Your Network Settings Through the Dell QuickSet Location

    The QuickSet Location Profiler helps you manage network
    settings that correspond to your computer's physical
    location. It includes two categories of profile settings:
    • Location Profile Settings
    • General Mobility Settings
    You can use Location Profile Settings to create profiles for
    accessing the Internet with your computer in your office,
    home, or other public places with Internet services.
    General Mobility Settings allows you to change the way
    network connections are handled. The profiles consist
    of different network settings and equipment that you
    need when using your computer in different locations.
    According to the documentation you can set the Profile
    o that a the wireless automatically disables when a LAN
    onnection is detected, this method would be far less
    complicated than a GPO.
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      Re: Disable Wireless When Lan is detected ?

      If you're going to quote somebody else's material, please credit them when you do so.
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        Re: Disable Wireless When Lan is detected ?

        Sorry I did leave the link out ... as I forgot it was off Petri , thats because I have been flamed about using links on one or to other forums

        Wont happen again
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