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software deployment and registry key issues

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  • software deployment and registry key issues


    I'm attempting to deploy a piece of software on a windows 2003/2000 domain on windows xp computers.

    when we package the software using Wise packaging studio, we need to add in permissions to certain registry keys and structure for the software. The registry keys will only apply to the registry "folders" when there is no defined keys/values in that folder but any subfolders that do have a value/key in it, the permisions will not apply even if specified directly.

    Also We have tried puting the relevant key permissions in the registry section of the GPO that installs the software to no avail. Can anyone point us in the right direction to get this working as I'm at a loose end now and all google searches I've performed seem to come to nothing



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    Re: software deployment and registry key issues

    We managed to resolve this issue by the use of "SetACL.EXE" thats provided by

    really good useful exe thats resolved this straight away and will be used when i do a task of removing admin rights throughout the company.

    whats better is IT ACTUALLY works


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      Re: software deployment and registry key issues

      Armster, thank you for posting back with your solution. Your Community Spirit is greatly appreciated.
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