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  • GPO Issue

    ok someone here may have had this problem already and it may have been discussed in great depth but i cant find a answer.

    we have one server with windows 2003 we are implementing group policies across the domain for various groups but on the default user it is supposed to issue the user with the proxy details.

    now for some reason it seems to be implementing all the security policies and installing software thats listed in the GP. but this is where it gets weird...

    some machines will get the proxy details and some wont the ones that wont seem to be the 1 gig celerons we are using (slow i know but its a education establishment) and all other machines newer than these work fine. the machines are also running on 128mb RAM (not sure if that matters).

    Things ive tried so far:

    Deleting the local profile.
    Deleteing both the local profile and the one stored on the server.
    setting the slow connection speed to 1000

    All client machines are running windows xp sp2 with all the latest updates

    Any help on this matter would be greatful

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    Re: GPO Issue

    Things to try:

    - check the local event log for errors
    - run the GPMC to see what settings are actually applied; compare bad and good situations.


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      Re: GPO Issue

      I posted this on the MS support forums recently hope it helps.

      I have been having some interesting problems with IE 6 various update levels that I thought I should share with the community. I have seen a number of posts that sound similar with little to no help from MS.

      The behavior is consistent across Pro platforms regardless of service pack or update level.
      The environment is Windows 2000 Server AD W2K Pro and XP Pro clients.

      After setting the proxy settings in internet explorer and running gpudate. I found that IE did not reconfigure correctly. It was possible to manually correct the problem but the old setting would return at the next GPO update interval. Proxy settings were visible in the grayed out fields. The use Proxy Server settings box was deselected.

      Taking a look at the users folder\application data\Microsoft\internet explorer\ I found several customX folders with install.ins file that had settings which could not be found in any existing GPO.

      Long story short after much aggravation I deleted all of the customX folders removed the GPO’s on at a time ran gpupdate check the path (repeat as necessary) until the offending customX folder is not recreated. So with the GPO problem solved I am moving on to resolve one remaining IE problem. I have a couple of Laptop’s that are not using the .ins file for IE Proxy Settings.