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How to Enable Internet Explorer

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  • How to Enable Internet Explorer

    On Server 2008R2 - Remote Desktop Server -Webroot prevented users from access RDS. RDS locked up. To fix this I had to disable Webroot and then contacted Webroot Support. Thus the remote users were able to log in and work.

    Because of a potential security risk I disabled Internet Explorer in a policy setting. And I confess to being double dumb. I forget to write down what I did. I have spent days struggling to fix this after reading online references to how to fix a disabled Internet Explorer with that cryptic message: 'Internet Explorer this operation has been cancelled due to restrictions on this computer....'

    I managed to achieve disabling Internet Explorer. When I did this as Domain Admin I assumed it would prevent end users from opening Internet Explorer. What that disabling did was to disable it for all users including the Administrator.

    Please - let me know how to revive an enabled Internet Explorer.

    Thanks for your attentions on this serious mistake.

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    I think that you will simply have to search for ways to enable/disable I.E. via GPO in your favourite search engine until you stumble across the solution.
    Have you made a note of what you have tried so far? If so, post it so that others who might respond don't duplicate your effort.
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      Try looking to see if you put a Software Restriction Policy in place that explicitly blocks 'iexplore.exe' from being run. If you use the GPMC tools to give you a GPResult report, and look under Computer - Windows Settings - Security Settings - 'Software Restriction Policies', you'll see what policies are in place, where they're applied at, and whether they're set to allow or block, by executable name. This is the simplest place to manage such an issue, unless you did a direct registry hack.
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