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GP not applying since update?

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  • GP not applying since update?

    Hi All

    I manage a number of networks where we usually perform drive mappings and printer connections through GP and group membership.

    Recently, one of them contacted me to say that UserA could not see PrinterA. I checked and found that GP was denied, despite UserA being a member of GroupA and GroupA being listed in Security Filtering.

    I got around the problem by adding Authenticated Users to the Security Filtering list but that's got to be short term, GP isn't working properly and I want it to.

    This happened to 2 sites on the same day month or two ago, both SBS2011 domains, I thought it was just bad luck but then it started affecting a third site today. The third site is hosted by a 2012 R2 server but Windows Updates have not been working up until last week because an old policy was defining an old server as an update source. Now that's been resolved, Windows Updates are installing properly and BANG my GPs stop working. Coincidence? I suspect not.

    I've started to look back through which updates have been installed during the last week but if anyone can save me some time it would really help.



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    This is almost certain to be related to last months Windows Updates. Have a read here:


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      Thanks joeqwerty, it certainly sounds right - and this update is installed in each of my affected environments.