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  • Lock down pc to account

    Hi, I apologize in advance if what am writing doesnt make sence,

    I want to lock down a pc to only be used by an particular user account, for example "testpcname1" can only be accessed by "testuseraccount1" no other user account can log into this pc, I know this can be done by locking down the user account to only login to particular pc's but can this be done the other way around. Maybe through group policy.

    Machines to be used are mainly windowsxp operating systems

    I don't want to use the autologin feature as security is a major factor in this not being used.

    Any help would be great.

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    Re: Lock down pc to account

    Change the local policy on the local computer to allow "logon local" user right (via GPEDIT.msc) only the admin groups + the user that you like.
    Vertiy that there no local accounts without a password.


    Best Regards,

    Yuval Sinay

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      Re: Lock down pc to account

      Thanks, I wish to apply this method to about 20 machines on my domain, can a GPO be applied which lists only these machines and work without physically attending each one and nanually enterering the information.

      Plus because there are about 20-30 staff working within my department can I apply a rule which allows anyone in a particular group access to these machines once the rule has been applied. for example each IT staff member in a member of GLOBALIT which gives them local admin rights.


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        Re: Lock down pc to account

        I don't think you can cover it with one policy.

        Have a general policy which adds globalIT group to the local admins. Then setup your policies for each PC to allow a specific user logon rights.

        Setup each of these as yuval said.

        Log on locally rights to specific user and the local admin group.

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