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Checking GPO association

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  • Checking GPO association

    I'm trying to work out whether a GPO is not applying due to being incorrectly configured, or the program/script is the issue.

    If the policy is being applied but the program failing to run will the command gpresult /Scope Computer /v be sufficient to report this?

    E.g. if I see the resultant GPO listed, this would suggest the program being run or the command context is incorrect


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    If there are no GP errors listed in the Application logs where the policy applies, but the expected script results aren't present, then the GPRESULT won't help you. As long as the GP object calls the script correctly, that GP object has no way of knowing whether the script completed its execution correctly. I'm facing the same scenario myself for a major security software upgrade which mandates an antivirus product remove/reinstall, and the context of when/how the script is executed is making a single script to do everything, nearly impossible. It's just time consuming when you have to keep waiting for restarts between install and removal tries.
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