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  • WSUS Clarifications

    This goes the the WSUS experts.
    i installed WSUS on a windows 2000 server, it gave me some problems to finish the installation but it is ok now.
    the problem that Im having is how do i know if the client machines got updated or not?
    I have Active directory in my domain, i have created a group policy so that client computers connect to WSUS. I know this policy is effective since when i go to automatic updates in control panel on the client pc it show all greyed out with the setting that i have selected.

    i created a test group in WSUS and i managed to add the 3 testing client pc to that group, but it keep saying that there are updates that are needed to be installed. I approaved all the updates that i need and in the home page of WSUS it always says that "downloading 00 MB of 130.

    I'm missing something here but i cant find it.
    SUS is much easier to set up

    thanks in advance!

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    Re: WSUS Clarifications

    The first sync of the WSUS server will take a while. It downloads every patch made for Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Office, etc.... so make sure you have got all those downloaded.
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      Re: WSUS Clarifications

      the firstsync is already done, i have approved about 60 updates, but doesnt seem to be working, like the client pc are not recieving thos updates, on the report page, it keeps saying that there are updates needed for computers. Also on the home page, it says downloading 0 MB out of 130. This has nothing to do with sync, i believe the 130 is the 60 updates that i approaved.



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        Re: WSUS Clarifications

        did u point these pc's to the wsus server target to get updates from the server not from the Windows Update?

        Start ------> Run ------> gpedit.msc GPO will open for you.  Under local computer policy ----------> Administrative Tampelates ------> Windows Components -----------> Windows Update:
        Enable the configure automatic update
        Specify intranet MS update -->WSUS Server name http://ServerName
        Enable client-side targetting
        Hope this will work for you.

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