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Blocking Excel for Certain Group of users

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  • Blocking Excel for Certain Group of users

    I am new to this forum, i had a query regarding ADM, we have 15 users shares 6 PC's and i need to provide access toexcel for some users and some users should be denied on a particular machine, i had tried with software restriction policy and added additional rule specifing path of excel with global parameters (%programfiles%\microsoft....\excel.exe) and it worked but it is effecting other user's who are logging on the same machine.. please provide me some solution to this,
    server: win2003

    Thanking you in advance

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    Re: Blocking Excel for Certain Group of users

    Try using the "Don't run specified applications" policy.

    This is under "User Configuration" > "Administrative Templates" > "System" > "Don't run specified windows applications". Add the file excel.exe in this policy

    Obviously you will have to create OU's as you see fit to and apply the required users to each.

    Hope this helps
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      Re: Blocking Excel for Certain Group of users

      Hi Andy,

      It Worked !! I am Grateful to you for the timely help..